Music Recitals for Students

Our music recitals work wonders for shy kids and natural performers alike, while they gain valuable stage experience in a positive environment. With each performance, children build confidence, find stress relief, express emotions, and forge lasting friendships. Join us in this transformative journey through the world of performing music. Our teachers ensure your child is well-prepared to perform, which is the number one way to get nerves to fades away, and their inner star shines bright on stage. 

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winter RECITAL



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  • Tickets not available at the door.
  • Tickets can only be purchased online.
  • Concert is Sunday, December 10, 2023, 6pm at Glenwood Church (1825 Grand Marais)

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A Rock Star's Journey Starts With Music Recitals

You know you wanted to be a rock star at some point when you were a kid. Most of us have played air guitar alone in our room and dreamt about being centre-stage in front of a cheering crowd. Every rock star has to start somewhere, and performing in a recital is often the first step of the journey.

A music book showing notes on a staff.

It's OK to Not Perform in a Recital! 

Participating in a music concert is a way to gain experience and improve your skills as a musician, but it's important to remember that not doing a recital also has its own set of benefits that can be overlooked. You can still participate in recitals by attending them, watching the other students and cheering them on! There is a ton of value in that. 

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