Music Classes for ages 4, 5, 6 in Windsor, Ontario

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In Music for Little Mozarts™ group classes, young kids don't even realize that they're learning. They're too busy enjoying themselves, experiencing new things and expressing themselves creatively. 

Music Groups for 

Kindergarten Kids

Enhance your child’s development through music with Music for Little Mozarts™ small-group classes. This piano, music and movement curriculum by Alfred Music, specifically designed for groups of children aged 4, 5 and 6, developed by a team of musicians, adapted and taught by our school Director, Miss Michelle. 

The course centres on the adventures of Mozart Mouse and Beethoven Bear as they learn all about music. Students experience music through singing, movement and response to rhythm patterns. 

Through storytelling and play, the charachers introduce students to new musical concepts, show them how to play instruments, and lead them in dances and sing-alongs. 

Students practice their listening and analyzation skills with appealing piano performance pieces, to the families of instruments, to popular, folk and rock music, symphony orchestra, opera, piano recitals and fine art.

Social and Interactive

Young children thrive when they can get creative and let loose in small groups. Their interaction helps with their learning and also with socialization and self-esteem. 

play based 


Kids aged 4, 5 and 6 learn through play and imagination. We use storytelling, props, singing, colouring, playing musical instruments and listening to music as ways of learning to make this extra fun. 



Designed to give kindergarten kids a strong musical foundation for their private music lessons later on. Students in the course graduate through 4 levels, adaptable to suit all learning styles

Group Piano Lessons 

for Ages 4, 5 & 6. 

  • Music For 
    Little Mozarts
    group class

Music for Little Mozarts group class is for very beginner students aged 4-6 who are brand new to our school. Students graduate from Music for Little Mozarts after completing 3 levels. Each level takes about 3 months to complete. There is usually one bilingual french/english class running, please ask if interested. 

Spring 2024:
Tuesdays 5:30pm
Thursdays 3:30pm, 4:30pm
Saturdays 10:30am, 11:30am

Classes are integrated for all levels, with seasonal student intakes.

Following this course, students can start private lessons in a variety of different musical instruments, depending on their musical goals. 

Group Size: 3 Students

This class has a 3-month minimum enrolment. 
We recommend that new students drop-in first. 
Contact the school to purchase your ongoing lesson plan. 

An image of a vintage-style microphone.

Kindergarten Music 

Class Instructor

Our school Director Miss Michelle loves working with young children to grow their minds and skills and foster their love and appreciation for the arts. 

She spent several years as artist-in-residence for the CSC Providence school board where she taught the arts using hands-on, innovative methods, completing large collaborative visual art and music projects with kids in classrooms all over Windsor-Essex & Chatham-Kent. 

Her visual arts degree is from University of Windsor and she has received additional artist-educator training throughout her career from Jumblies Theatre (Toronto), Royal Conservatory of Music, and Multicultural Council of Windsor. 

In 2018, Michelle developed and delivered a bilingual professional development program for Ontario-based music and visual arts educators through the Ontario Arts Council. 

In 2023, she received certification to teach the Royal Conservatory of Music's new Smart Start music curriculum for ages 0-3. 

Michelle has worked for South Windsor School of Music since 2008, and has owned the school since 2019.

Music For Little Mozarts™ 

Student Materials

Beginner Students are supplied with our Meet the Music Friends Workbook which they will keep at the school and take home after they complete it after about 6 sessions. 

Afterward, Students are provided a 3-prong folder which will soon get stuffed with sheet music, printed lyrics, worksheets, drawing activities, and colouring pages. 

Beethoven Bear, Mozart Mouse and Clara the Cat plush toys stimulate the student’s imagination during lessons, a necessary component for teaching young children. They are available to purchase to extend the imagination into the homes of our group students!!

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Meet The Music Friends Workbook
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Music For Little Mozarts Plushies

At-Home Resources:
Curriculum Stories

Below are links to YouTube playlists with audio recordings of the stories we read in class during our course. Each playlist contains 10 unique story chapters per level. It's recommended that our students listen to these curriculum stories at home AFTER they finish the level, to recall the class content. Bonus points if students are able to play pretend with the character stuffies to act out the story themselves!

Level 1 Curriculum Stories
3+ months of class time

Level 2 Curriculum Stories
6+ months of class time

Level 3 Curriculum Stories
9+ months of class time

At-Home Resources:
Extra Storybooks

 These are YouTube playlists with themed storybooks by various authors being read in videos, often with fun and engaging graphics. They are listed within the Music For Little Mozarts™ curriculum as supplementary reinforcements to the concepts presented in class. We invite our students to listen to these stories at home!!

Level 1 Extra Storybooks

0-3 months of class time

Level 2 Extra Storybooks

3-6 months of class time

Level 3 Extra Storybooks

6+ months of class time

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