Nivin Ghobrayal

  • Instruments Played: Piano
  • Spoken Languages: English, Arabic
  • Works well with: Ages 7 - 99
  • Teacher Personality Traits: Kind, Patient, Fun, Engaging, Creative
  • Works well with Student Personality Traits: uncertain about their abilities, perfectionists, calm/energetic

Piano Teacher Information

Nivin Ghobreyal has 20 years of experience in teaching piano, having taught almost all age groups and levels, from beginner to advanced. Her biggest passion is playing the piano. She holds a masters degree in music education as well as a doctorate in philosophy of music. Nivin's goal is to get her students to fall as in love with playing the piano as she is. She makes her piano lessons engaging and fun for the students by having a lot of activities to reflect multiple learning styles during the lessons. If you’ve always wanted your kids to get involved in music, piano is a great option! Or if you’ve always wanted to learn the piano yourself and have never gotten around to it, it is never too late! Nivin is always excited to teach new students and help them become the best versions of themselves! 

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