Take the first step towards a lifetime of music.

Our teachers are the backbone of our school. We’ve built a strong team of dedicated music education professionals to suit your personal music goals. For more information about each of our teachers please browse through the list below.

Bessie Cooper

Stefanie Adams

Violin, Piano

Eleanor Pena

Bilal Nasser


Bessie Cooper

Monique Soulliere


Bessie Cooper

Jacob Renon

Guitar, Ukulele

Bessie Cooper

Wissam Hazim Al-Bahno

Oud, Voice

Bessie Cooper

Aimee Clifford

Voice, Piano

Bessie Cooper

Joshua Mathews

Drums, Piano

Bessie Cooper

Laura Fenech

Guitar, Saxophone, Piano

Bessie Cooper

Aaron Fanick

Guitar, Piano, Bass, Ukulele

Bessie Cooper

Michael Gordon

Piano, Saxophone

Bessie Cooper

Lydia Deelstra

Guitar, Bass

Bessie Cooper

Michelle Soulliere