Instrument String Changes 

Oh No! You broke a string! It's ok, we promise. Over time your guitar, ukulele or violin's strings will get worn by the elements and it will lose their special sound quality and go out of tune more often, making it harder to practice. If your strings are discoloured or look dirty, a fresh set is due. Save yourself time and get peace of mind. Bring in your instrument & get your strings fixed!

replace guitar strings


fix Violin strings


repair Ukulele strings


install new Oud strings


Guitar String Changes

Our full string change is like a spa day for your guitar! Service includes guitar cleaning, polishing and tune up of all instrument parts. Applicable for acoustic, electric and classical guitars, recommended every 3-6 months. 

Did you break a single string and need it replaced? Our Single String service is for you.

Strings for Every Guitar Player

What strings you use can depend on your playing style, and what feels the most comfortable. Ask us for help when it comes to picking the right set of strings for you. We carry strings that our teachers stand by and use themselves, and can also special order any D’Addario strings you might desire. 

Violin String Changes

Your delicate instrument deserves only the best care.  A full string change service includes violin cleaning, polishing, bridge reset and a tune up of all parts. Applicable for all sizes and types of violin, and recommended every 6-9 months. 

Did you break a single string and need it replaced? Our Single String service is for you.

Popular Violin Books for Beginners

Check our most popular violin method and songbooks in our online bookstore! We use these books while teaching our own violin students.  

Ukulele String Changes

We get it, you took your ukulele on a road trip and now it needs a some care. Our service includes full string replacement, instrument cleaning & polishing and checkup. 

We don't offer single string changes for ukulele - it's best to change them all at once!

An acoustic guitar laid on a work table for repairs.
A group of young children holding stringed instruments participating in a group music lesson with their instructor.

Ukulele Lessons

Learners feel accomplished with fast results with ukulele as a starter instrument. It’s fun to sing along with and jam with others! In our one-on-one lessons, we have fun playing simple contemporary pop songs while building skills in technique. You’ll love learning to play the ukulele in our pressure-free, strum-along environment!

Oud String Changes

Your rare middle eastern instrument deserves the finest care. Book a full spa day for your oud! Service includes a full replacement of the strings with a fresh set, an oud cleaning, polishing and tune up of all instrument parts. 

An adult male playing the electric guitar and reading tablature with the help of his private instructor.

Free Music Lesson 


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