Michelle Soullière

  • Instruments Played: Voice, Piano, Ukulele, Violin
  • Spoken Languages: English, French
  • Works well with: Ages 4-99
  • Teacher Personality Traits: Fun, loving, easy going, friendly, calm, medium expectations, patient, flexible
  • Works well with Student Personality Traits: Calm, medium energy, low attention

Music School 

Director Information

I grew up in a music school and around live music.

For me, music is daily life. There’s music to bring you back to emotional moments of the past, to give you hope for the future, for staying present and enjoying the now. I use songs to set the tone at a party, to relax and tune in, to express myself. I listen to a lot of different genres of music, old and new, light and dark, happy and sad, upbeat and downtempo – from live music, orchestral performances, low-fi recordings and high quality productions. I’m captivated by the visual components of music and band culture – record sleeves, t-shirts, posters, pins and flyers. I really like participating in and viewing live performances of all kinds.

As a kid I took piano lessons early on, studying Royal Conservatory material because my older sisters also did it. I wasn’t super into it and didn’t practice nearly as much as I should have. I started to dread attending the lessons, and put up a fight with practice. I really really wanted to pursue voice instead, so that’s where my path led me as a preteen. I studied voice for several years under many incredible classical and musical theatre-based vocalists, participating in Royal Conservatory examinations and Kiwanis Festivals. As a young adult I discovered and kept a love for playing the keyboard to write my own music and accompany my singing.

In recent years I’ve taken up 2 new instruments in my spare time – ukulele and violin. I am constantly looking to shift my creative instruments to fit my needs at any given moment in time.

Creativity lives within me and it comes out in several ways! I have a degree in visual arts and was a professional visual artist for my first career from 2008 through 2014 – part of an artist collective called Broken City Lab. I reached personal success as an artist, receiving high local, national and international praise for my work. Having spent 7 years as Artiste-en-résidence for the conseil scolaire catholique Providence, I have plenty of hands-on classroom experience in JK/SK, primary, intermediate and secondary grades.

Over the past 12 years, I’ve held creative, administrative and education-based positions for many cultural organizations, including the National Film Board of Canada, Arts Council Windsor & Region, Ontario Arts Council, Artcite, Inc., University of Windsor, Media City Film Festival, and more. I enjoy working with youth in reciprocal mentorships – having guided several interns, volunteers and up-and-coming talent in the arts.
In 2018-19 I developed and facilitated interactive training programs and hands-on professional development for Ontario-based artist educators in both music and visual arts within varying institutions.

I own a South Windsor Morris Home right close by to the school, where I have a screenprinting studio and a nice flower and veggie garden. I love bringing appreciation and enjoyment of the arts to diverse groups, and believe in the power of music to connect us. I thrive on building lasting and meaningful relationships with the school’s community of clients, teachers, parents and students in the South Windsor neighbourhood and beyond.

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