It’s Okay to Not Do A Recital

Michelle Soulliere


Participating in a music concert is a way to gain experience and improve your skills as a musician, but it's important to remember that not doing a recital also has its own set of benefits that can be overlooked.

Focus on improving your instrument playing.
One benefit of not participating in a recital is that it allows you to focus on perfecting your craft. Instead of worrying about the performance aspect, you can perfect your technique and learn to play new pieces. This can ultimately lead to being more ready, giving the student more confidence in playing, and better success at possible performances in the future.

Learning music shouldn't be stressful. 

Another benefit of not participating is that it can alleviate performance anxiety. Playing in front of an audience can be a daunting experience, and for some students, it can be a source of anxiety. Not participating in a recital can alleviate that anxiety, allowing you to focus on enjoying learning music without the added pressure to perform. We always invite non-participating students to come and watch the show so that it’s a little more comfortable and less scary should they choose to participate down the line!

More time for music composition and recording.

Not preparing for a recital can give you a chance to explore other aspects of music in your lessons. For example, instead of focusing on performing, you can explore composing a song, music production or recording.

Should you participate in our next music recital?

Overall it's important to weigh the pros and cons, and make the decision that best fits your family’s needs and goals. Talk to your teacher about upcoming recitals to get advice and support on participating and selecting a performance piece.

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