Pratice tips for violin

Michelle Soulliere


Violin is no easy instrument, there are many difficult techniques and theories that can be pretty confusing at first. Not to worry, we have some tips for practicing so you can conquer all the hurdles of playing the violin.

Start by opening the violin case

Seems pretty easy, right? However, for those of us who struggle with procrastination, we know that the hardest part of any task is getting started. Rather than putting off a long practice session, tell yourself “I am just going to open the violin case and play for five minutes”. You will likely be surprised at how easy it is once you get started and end up practicing for much longer!

How to master a difficult line of notes

Struggling with a particularly tricky line of notes? Make it more challenging to make it easier! Play through the line with different rhythms or with opposite bowing. This will lead to better retention of the line as you are required to remember the notes well enough to play with the additional challenge. Once you can do that, playing the passage in its original form will be much easier!

Practice playing violin in a mirror

It is much easier to identify areas of improvement when you can watch yourself play! By practicing in a mirror, you can identify and work on your posture and performance in real time. Watch for the placement of the bow on the string, the position of your bow hand, arms, and body, or any tension in general. Experiment and make small adjustments while playing until you find what feels right for you. Aim for zero tension and discomfort, and the best tone possible! By consciously observing and reflecting on your playing, you will have a full-time violin instructor: Yourself!

Meet your violin instructor

Mia Grybas has been studying violin since she was 3 years old and has 15+ years experience teaching violin to anyone of any age who wishes to learn. She attended University of Windsor for Drama in Education and Community and completed Teachers College for Primary/Junior. Being a French supply teacher for elementary schools, MIA is especially great with beginner students as she infuses classical training with a contemporary twist. With Mia, you will learn the foundation while having fun.

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