Practice Tips for Singers

Michelle Soulliere


There’s nothing quite like the accomplishment a kid feels after finally excelling at something tricky. Practicing music during and outside lessons gets students to face and overcome obstacles not only with learning music, but also in life!

Learning any musical instrument requires practice and slow repetition, and there’s unique ways to practice each individual instrument as well. I sat down with fellow voice teacher, Sahiba, to share our favourite secrets for practicing to sing below.

Vocal Warmups.

Make sure to warm up every time before you sing, even a quick vocal warm-up is better than none! It’s like stretching before working out. Remember your vocal chords are also a muscle.

Know Your Vocal Range.

How low can you go? How high can you reach? Knowing your vocal range will help you pick songs that will work best for your voice. Singing songs outside your range could even damage your voice.

Correct Your Singing Posture.

Did you know that proper singing technique involves your entire body? Always pay attention to how you are sitting or standing while practicing. Having good posture will help you open up your diaphragm, so that you can breathe and sing better!

Keep your Voice Healthy.

You’ve only got one set of vocal cords, so it’s super important to take good care of them. Here are some of my favourite vocal care “hacks”

  • Always stay hydrated
  • Avoid yelling or screaming
  • Get enough sleep
  • Take “vocal naps”, where you don’t use your voice at all for a while
  • Avoid foods with dairy on your lesson day or before you practice, as they can dry out your voice

Take Singing Lessons!

Aside from knowing how to practice well, the most important thing is to build a habit of it! Having a teacher holding you accountable during private lessons will help students stay practicing from week to week.

Sahiba is booking new students for drop-in voice lessons.