Music Lessons in Arabic

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Take piano lessons in Arabic with our music teacher Nivin! Now your child’s music and linguistic skills can both be enhanced together.

This is two of four blog posts we’ll be featuring teachers of the school that speak and teach in both English and another language.

Read below to hear what Nivin has to say about studying music in Arabic. 

Learn to play the piano in the Arabic language

A person can learn a new language through an entertaining method. The piano can help them learn a word bank of Arabic words such as new rhythms. A student will learn new scales which are what we call “Maqams” in Arabic meaning musical scales. We cannot learn all the Maqams (Arabic scales), as most Maqams require an oriental instruments to play them, such as the oud. But we can play other scales like the Maqam Nahawand, Maqam al-Kurd, and Maqam al-Hijaz on the piano!

Best teacher for music lessons in Arabic in Windsor

I build confidence in my students by recording the first piece a student plays during our first session. Then, show it to them after a month of practice to show them their improvement. That will build confidence in their skills, and make them proud of their accomplishments. I would then give them advice such as: Stop comparing yourself. Practice, practice and practice. Soon, you will find that one day you can play even the toughest pieces. Celebrate small victories and be proud of yourself.

Why take private piano lessons in Arabic?

As we know everyone is unique and has special characteristics that sets them apart from others. Just like the Arabic community, they are unique in their language, music, customs and traditions, fashion and heritage.

Meet your Arabic-speaking music teacher

Nivin Ghobreyal has taught almost all age groups and levels, from beginner to advanced. She makes her piano lessons engaging and fun for the students by having a lot of activities to reflect multiple learning styles during the lessons. She is always excited to teach new students and help them become the best versions of themselves!

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