A girl playing the violin against an unfocused background.

Learn Violin in Windsor

Our one-on-one private violin lessons blend elements of the Suzuki method while integrating sight reading sheet music and music theory specific for Violin. We offer violins for rent and purchase, and are happy to re-string or tune an instrument for you. Group learning opportunities are available!

Violin Lesson Information

New and growing students need to get properly sized for a violin at our school. Instrument sizings are based on a child’s age, arm measurements and how comfortable they feel while holding it. We rent and sell new violins in all sizes.

Curriculum Breakdown

We loosely follow the Suzuki method, integrating supplementary note and sight reading curriculum for our students, as a strict Suzuki method is mostly by ear with the assumption that the student already knows how to read the sheet music. All students begin in Suzuki Method 1. Most young beginners will be recommended to also start with Dorothy Croft Violin Theory. Those learning violin as a second instrument or with previous musical skills should also start with the Kreutzer book. 

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