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For students working toward goals in performance, Royal Conservatory examinations, auditions, festivals such as Kiwanis, or any student, young to adult, beginner to advanced! Our students learn traditional saxophone fingering patterns and develop embouchure and playing skills in a fun, one-on-one, supportive learning environment. 

Saxophone Lesson Information

Bring your own saxophone or get equipped with our Starter Saxophone, a low commitment first instrument option given the price. It has a surprising mellow sax sound and is a lot of fun to play even for an accomplished amateur sax player. 

Saxophone Rentals

Renting a J-Sax Starter Saxophone from our school is easy! The J-Sax is made of silicone and plastic parts, it's easy to sanitize and completely washable with warm soapy water. It's very light and smaller sized compared to a regular saxophone. Ideal for young children interested in an early start to playing, if you're not sure of commitment level and want to wait to make a purchase. Before ordering a rental, you'll need to set up a monthly rental subscription with our Front Desk to rent with us.

Not sure about renting a J-Sax? Our school Director Michelle wrote a blog post with more info to help you make an informed decision. 




We have two unique learning streams for saxophone lessons, depending on the type of instrument you are learning with: 

This is the book for our jSax Starter Saxophone for young beginners. If you purchase or rent a Starter Saxophone from our school, you should also get this book to learn with.

For Alto Saxophones. Accent on Achievement is often used with intermediate and high school aged students in public school band programs and also works well for adults. This book will give a good foundation in band instrument notation, rhythm, and technique before advancing to learning genre-specific and popular material.

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