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A popular instrument in the Middle East. Keep your heritage and culture alive by learning to play the oud with our Arabic and English speaking teacher Wissam Hazim Al-Bahno! You’ll gain a foundation in oud fingering, learning to read notes in standard notation, and technique. 

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One of the oldest instruments in the world. Originated in Southern Mesopotamia (now known as Iraq). The oud dates back to 3,000 BCE during the Akkadian era (2170-2350). The oud spread in popularity throughout the Middle East, Mediterranean, Northern and eventually Central African regions, and Asia. The oud and its regional variants went on to become the primary stringed instrument of the Classical world. 



Our school’s oud curriculum was written and published by our very own oud teacher! Learn the traditional style from a world-class instructor. 

This book, written by our own teacher Wissam, sets out to help our students establish technical playing skills to perform Eastern Maqam tones. Eastern Maqam is a melody type that is unique to the Middle East, Mediterranean and North African regions. You will learn how to read Eastern Maqam notation and develop the listening skills to identify Maqam patterns in any composition.

Contents include music note values, musical terms, parts of the oud, how to tune the oud, proper positioning, how to hold Risha on the right hand, fingering on the left hand, Ajam Maqam, Nahawand Maqam, Hijaz Maqam and Kurd Maqam.

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