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A man playing the acoustic guitar by a window.

Beginner drum students gain a foundation in rhythm and drumming technique by learning to read standard notation and playing along with hit tunes. We work with you to achieve your drumming goals. Our students learn on a full electronic drum kit at our school, supplemented with the occasional hand percussion instrument for learning reinforcement.

Drum Lesson 


You don’t need a full drum kit at home to learn with us! Students can excel in technique and get a good grip on rhythm using a pair of sticks and a drum pad to play with, both available for sale through our school.

Also, a full acoustic set at home is not always possible given the space and loud sound commitment that comes with it. Of course, playing on an acoustic drum set is always ideal. We can help you make a purchase when you’re ready!



Our school’s drum curriculum includes this book along with teacher-assigned practice play-alongs with your favourite rock, pop or country hits!


Basic Drumming is a standard go-to reference book for all levels of drummer. It's the only drum book you'll ever need. At about an inch thick, just be glad you won't have to carry around any other books with you!

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