Top 6 Reasons Your Child Needs Summer Music Lessons

Michelle Soulliere


Kids spend all their free time in front of a screen, which is frustrating for parents in the Summer. One month in and we can already hear a chorus of “I’m bored” ringing out from the living rooms of South Windsor families. What a struggle. Our little ones are craving social interaction. Learning to play an instrument is so fun and rewarding! See your kids’ personal growth after they start their in-person music lessons.


Here’s 6 ways private music lessons can positively impact your child’s life this Summer. 

6 - Screen time alternatives for kids

Eyes and fingers glued to the screen. Kids are bored. When kids come into our school and step away from their consoles and tablets they thrive in a welcoming, creative environment outside of their homes. Your child will be so thankful to learn a new skill this Summer. They’ll be encouraged to practice on their own, in their own space too. Get your child out of the house to explore music, and you’ll start hearing the music inside the house too!

5 - Keep a routine with private music lessons

As much as kids need a break from school in the Summer, they should still look forward to something in their weekly routine. They deserve a steady schedule that allows them to wake up in the morning and work toward something productive, just like us. Weekly private lessons with at-home practice in between gets children into a routine, which helps them keep motivated and engaged during the long summer days.

4 - Music lessons help socialize your child

New environments can be intimidating for a child. Starting a new activity, meeting new people, even seeing folks in the grocery store all help to socialize us when we’re young. It improves your child’s self esteem and helps their timidness to try new things. We believe that every child deserves a chance to thrive in a new environment. Help your child come out of their shell this summer! When children are learning music with us, they have the chance to develop their personalities while having fun.

3 - Learn something new this summer

Real-world activities keep our children engaged. Summer is a great time to pick up a new skill – how about having your child learn to play an instrument? Well-rounded kids have an easier time relating to others and creating genuine connections with friends and family. Learning new things can challenge and stimulate the brain in ways they never knew they were capable of. It creates a sense of accomplishment and pride for the child. Does that sound like something your kid would enjoy? Our private music instructors work at the student’s pace, catering to their strengths and making it easy and fun to learn!

2 - Clear your back-to-school checklist early

September is busy. There’s back-to-school prep to be done, waking up early and a lot of new adjustments in your kid’s schedule to be made. This is now a great opportunity to start your music lesson routine in the summer, so it’s one less transition come Fall. Securing your spot and getting into the routine early allows for peace of mind. We love to help you clear an item from your to-do list. 

1 - Build confidence with music

Confidence in children comes from many different factors in their life. It's easy to forget that children require a strong sense of self-worth when it comes to their development into adults. Music is a way to build the confidence and connection to one's self in a fun way. Private music lessons gets kids to dig deeper into themselves, allowing the soul and body to work together to create beautiful music with pride. Every guided hurdle brings them closer and closer to a happy and healthy self-esteem. Kids need confidence, why not make that fun!

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