Summer Fun with Creative Musical Instruments

Michelle Soulliere


We’re in the thick of summertime now, and the fun is still going. Come ride your bike down to our school in between slushies and jumps in the pool to get your hands on some of our hottest summertime hits before things get crazy with back to school in a couple of weeks…

Bring out imagination playing soundscapes with our frog

Close your eyes and listen. We’re in a jungle, we’re in the forest, we’re by the lake.

Check out this fun percussion instrument in the guiro family, the Frog! Played by scraping the beater up and down its back, creating distinct “croaking” noises. You can also strike it to produce a single, loud sound. 

The frog’s mouth is the holder for the wooden stick used to make the sounds – super fun for kids’ imaginations. Not only does it create croak-worthy beats, but also different sizes of frogs produce different notes, creating lovely layered melodies and harmonies when played together. This fun instrument allows for simplistic playing with a surprisingly deep dynamic sound. 

This is a simple way to let your child express their inner artist. Our students love creating textured soundscapes with our three in-school frog guiros during their lessons. Take a slice of our in-lesson imagination and creativity home with you today!


Get the tablets out of their hands with the easy relaxing kalimba

Distract them for 10 seconds to swap a game controller with our handheld kalimba, played with your thumbs.

The kalimba makes bright, peaceful and relaxing sounds and is beginner-friendly. It has a hollow interior and sound hole like a guitar and metal keys to produce melodies in the key of C. It almost sounds like an antique music box but with a beach vibe. Perfect for busy hands, calming nerves, mind stimulation, body relaxation, and soul soothing. Kalimbas have a distinct presence in the world of music and musical therapy by offering many wellness benefits. 

The kalimba is so popular in-school among our students and their families. We love figuring out our favourite melodies by ear on the kalimba. There’s two models - a 10 key for beginners and a 17-key for those who want a bit more to play with. Grab yours today and start the stress-soothing.

Up your karaoke game, sing and play along with the ukulele!

Your favourite pop songs are waiting for you to learn the ukulele, so you can play along while you sing them! It’s easy to play a lot of familiar music once you get some basic foundation and teacher assistance with technique. 

We love the ukulele in part because young learners feel most accomplished with fast results from this string instrument compared to the guitar or violin. Everything about the ukulele is user friendly – the small size, the play-ability, and the lightweight frame! It’s perfect for people embracing a minimalist lifestyle. 

This instrument is small enough to fit into your travel bag. It’s an electric/acoustic model, so you can take it on your next camping trip and also plug into a speaker at a gig! We carry two sizes - the Concert is slightly bigger than the Soprano but both are tuned in C. We’ve been selling a lot of these this Summer to take to the cottage. Get yours today!

Get started on those ukulele chords right now. 

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