Practice Tips For Guitar

Michelle Soulliere


It’s no secret that practicing anything will make you better at it. Now is as good a time as any to start or get back into a routine with practice! There's so many unique approaches to building a routine and learning.

Today we're featuring our guitar teacher Esther's top tips for practicing the guitar, which is worth a read even if you’re practicing how to cook a recipe or drive a car…

Esther's Tips for Practicing

Exercise is good for you

Sporty people can confirm that doing warm-ups before going into the game is crucial. It works the same way for music. Before diving into your repertoire, it’s good to warm up those fingers to make sure they are in tip-top shape. This can be done with various finger exercises that help the fingers become more flexible.

There’s no such thing as too slow

Effective practice stays in our brain. It may seem tempting to plow through the pieces at a million kilometers per hour but that isn’t going to get you anywhere except lead to frustration. Take things slower than you initially anticipate and you’ll be surprised at how much we tend to rush when practicing. A general rule of thumb that I use is that you should be playing slow enough where you can play through the whole song without making big mistakes.

Microscopic Management

It’s the sick people that need a doctor, not the healthy. Likewise, it’s the section that give the most trouble that need the most improvement. There’s always that one section of a certain piece that seems impossible. We get to that part of the piece, mess up, and then what? Most of us are inclined to go back to the beginning of the piece and start all over again but that isn’t efficient practicing. Instead, isolate that one section and practice that part again. It may be one phrase, a couple bars, it may even be as small as one beat, but working only on the parts that give you trouble means that it’s going to improve.


Relaxing is just as important a part of practicing as working on technique. Yes practicing can be tough and there are times where we get frustrated, but that will only make us play and feel worse. Let yourself calm down, by taking nice big deep breaths. Check your posture, you don’t want to play guitar with a broken back or a broken anything to be honest. If your mind is too messy, let yourself think about nothing for a while, clearing your mind and having a fresh start will help you refocus.

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