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If you want to take your music lessons in Spanish then you’re in luck! Our music teacher Edgardo can teach drum or piano lessons in Spanish.

This is three of four blog posts we’ll be featuring teachers of the school that speak and teach in both English and another language.

Check out what Edgardo has to say about studying music in Spanish.

Why take private music lessons in Spanish in Windsor?

It is important to study music in Spanish as it is a great help and support for the Spanish-speaking community since some Hispanic students sometimes find it difficult to understand the English language. Being a small community, the word always spreads through technological means. I say this from my own experience, since I teach some Latin children.

What makes drum lessons for kids really fun?

For a drum class to be fun and meaningful, I must begin by assessing my students' musical preferences. For example: learning rhythms about a musical style, or performing their favorite songs. Furthermore, motivation is always fundamental when teaching music, therefore I always encourage, support, say good job, give a high five or tell a joke. There are so many ways to have a good time and make the student feel safe and in a pleasant environment.

What styles of music are specific to the Spanish-speaking community?

In Latin America we have a great variety of rhythms, cadences, time signatures, percussion instruments, and folk traditions due to African and European influence. Some styles include Cumbia, Ballenato, Bachata, Reggaeton, Argentine Samba, Brazilian Samba, Landó, Waltz, Corridos, La Cueca, Trote, Salsa, Mambo, Merengue, Cha Cha Cha, Bossa Nova, and Candombe.

Meet your Spanish-speaking music teacher

Edgardo Alberto Marquez Reyes is a Chilean drummer living and working in Windsor, Ontario. He has participated in various musical project and bands such as Vozdenlace, Cementerio de Alerces, Percussion in Police Band Chile, and Dulcidio; playing on the recording of the second album “Canciones de amor, fiesta y muerte (Argentine, 2011). Edgardo shares his passion for music and drumming with his students here at our school.

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