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Michelle Soulliere


There are so many Mandarin speaking people living in Windsor. We also offer music lessons in Mandarin in our school taught by Esther, our piano and guitar teacher. Now your kids can keep their native language and music skills in tip top shape.

This is four of four blog posts we’ll be featuring teachers of the school that speak and teach in both English and another language.

Keep reading to see what Esther has to say about learning music in Mandarin

What interests you in teaching music lessons in Mandarin?

I am a Chinese born Canadian. My parents were immigrants from China and I was born here in Windsor. I believe that the best way to keep your culture alive in a western country is to constantly participate in it. Whether it is speaking the language, making your culture's food, or teaching music in your native language, being active in your culture will solidify it in yourself. I also believe that all students should have a chance at learning and a language barrier should not hinder it. Being able to teach music in Mandarin will help international students to learn more English as well as to still be able to learn music without losing any understanding.

What is so special about Windsor’s Chinese-Canadian community?

The Chinese-Canadian community is very apparent in Canada and this holds true for Windsor as well. Growing up I was always surrounded by other people who share my culture. There were many opportunities to be active in the Chinese community like through social gatherings, Chinese school or hanging out with your asian friends. My goal now is to expand that through learning and teaching music in Mandarin. Sharing your culture and bringing it into your everyday life will keep it alive and strong.

How are your music lessons unique?

I teach lessons in both piano and guitar and I build each lesson based on the students strengths and weaknesses. My lessons are engaging and I will do various activities that also incorporate their other interests and hobbies such as visual art or sports. We set a goal that the student wants to achieve and work towards it. Getting kids to realize their own learning style, their strengths, and what they want to achieve and learn will make them more motivated, independent, and confident for success.

Meet your Mandarin-speaking instructor

Esther is a Bachelor of Music student at the University of Windsor. Esther is always excited to share her enthusiasm and passion for music as well as helping students of all ages spark their love for music.She makes her music lessons engaging, fun and flexible to multiple learning styles and personalities.

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