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Michelle Soulliere


My music lessons might be the perfect fit for you if you want your child to practice their French language skills while diving into the world of music.

This is one of four blog posts we’ll be featuring teachers of the school that speak and teach in both English and another language.

What age should children start music lessons?

The perfect time for children to start music lessons is in their early years. Early Childhood group classes focus on more than just playing an instrument – they foster the development of crucial time-sensitive cognitive skills through engaging music education. Young minds thrive in a supportive small-group environment that incorporates play and teamwork. My youngest students develop a lifelong appreciation of music and passion for learning, setting the stage for a lifetime of joyous musical exploration.

Why take music lessons in French?

Opting for French-language music lessons for your child provides an opportunity for them to practice and embrace speaking French in a creative and engaging setting, fostering a deeper cultural connection between languages and the arts. This dynamic and harmonious blend of music and language creates a personalized and culturally rich learning journey.

Why is music education at a private lesson studio important?

I see a continuous trend in our Ontario elementary schools where more and more prioritization is given to math and literacy, leaving little in the area of arts education. Taking music lessons at a private studio is the perfect way to supplement this. Plus, the mentorship aspect of private education fosters a strong teacher-student relationship, allowing for guidance beyond technical skills, encouraging personal growth and creativity in the holistic development of our upcoming generation of leaders.

Meet your francophone music teacher

While in Kindergarten, I walked from home to my French elementary school in Lasalle, Ontario, both less than one kilometer from the Detroit River. My aunt was the music teacher at that elementary school – I recently inherited her record collection of French children’s music. My dad is a musician, he was often invited into my school with his guitar to lead sing-alongs with the students in French. I have fond memories of childhood francophone music, books and TV shows, like Jacquot, Dinomir, Tots TV.

When I teach music lessons in French, I feel a connection to this rich culture in my DNA. I also get to connect through music with young French-speaking students who come to Canada from all over the world. I appreciate and value these students in my music studio, and I love communicating with their francophone parents as well.

In my more recent past, I spent 7 years as Artiste-en-résidence for the conseil scolaire catholique Providence, with hands-on classroom experience in JK/SK & primary classes. I am currently a visiting artist in daycares across Windsor-Essex.

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