When Does a Guitar Need Strings Changed?

Michelle Soulliere


It can be tricky to tell when your guitar is due for a string change if you don’t know what to look for. The biggest giveaway is when you break a string! But of course there’s a bit more to it than that. The same way that you probably won’t wait until your shoes rip apart to get a new pair, your guitar is going to need new strings sooner than you might think.

Sometimes we have brand new students pick up an old guitar for the first time to start off their lessons. Even if strings haven’t been played that much, the oils from your fingers can still wear them down, changing how they look and sound. Over time you might start to notice that your instrument is starting to lose some of its 'magic'. Worn strings will have a duller quieter sound and will go out of tune more often, making it difficult to practice. If your strings are starting to change colour, or even look dirty, it’s probably time for a string change. 

“Aim to change your guitar’s strings at least every 3 months.”

If you practice all the time, you might need to change them even sooner. Like how a track star puts more steps into their shoes and wears them out quickly. Regular string changes are an essential part of instrument care. The fresher your strings are, the fresher your guitar playing will feel. I know a lot of our students are long overdue!

Do you offer guitar string changing services?

Yes, of course! Using special tools, we carefully remove your old strings, give your instrument a clean and polish and put on fresh ones, so that your instrument can look and sound its best. We can change single strings or full sets with quick wait times.

How I choose the right strings for my guitar?

There are literally hundreds of string types out there because different guitars will require unique strings. For instance, a classical guitar is built to use nylon strings, which give it its iconic warm sound. On the other hand electric and regular acoustic guitars will need a type of steel string. Strings are installed in slightly different ways, depending on what kind of guitar you have. 

What strings you pick can also depend on your playing style, and what feels the most comfortable. Ask us for help when it comes to picking the right set of strings for you. We carry strings that our teachers stand by and use themselves, and can also special order any D’Addario strings you might desire. 

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