Best Books for Beginners

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With school starting up again, everyone’s in the back-to-school shopping mood. Here at South Windsor School of Music, we have plenty of books that are a must have for musical beginners.

Books for Young Pianists

For the young pianists that are ready to become master of the keys, we have the Primer Bastien piano books that teach the basics of piano techniques all while learning fun and exciting songs. For those that are ready to dive into the world of classical piano, we also have the preparatory of royal conservatory piano filled with pieces that are easy yet fulfilling for your kids to learn.

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Bastien Piano Basics

Books for Beginner Guitarists

Kids that are ready to rock on with the guitar should definitely start with guitar for the small fry or standard method for guitar 1. Not only do you learn the notes on the guitar, but you also learn how to play chords meaning you can play and sing which prepares you for a jam session of your life!

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Guitar for the Small Fry - South Windsor School of Music
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Standard Guitar Method - South Windsor School of Music
Books to Start Singing 
Singers that are ready to unleash their vocal cords will need the royal conservatory voice repertoire along with the full voice workbook series. All the fun songs from the voice repertoire combined with the techniques in the workbook will set your kids up on their singing journey in which they will find their voice and shine!
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Full Voice Workbook Series
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Royal Conservatory Voice Repertoire - South Windsor School of Music

Books for Violin Students

Calling all kids that want to fiddle with the violin, these books are just for you! The Suzuki violin book is perfect for beginner violinists. It teaches you all the starting notes and about your posture so you're stage-ready from day one! Not only that, the Dorothy Croft Violin Theory Workbook is also a good book for young violinists to work on their knowledge of music and the violin!

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Suzuki Violin School - South Windsor School of Music
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Dorothy Croft Violin Theory - South Windsor School of Music

We’re Here to Help!

No matter the instrument, South Windsor school of Music has all the materials you need for your kids to excel in their musical journey. Everybody has to start somewhere and starting with these books will get you on the right path! A crucial way to make sure your kids are sure to excel is to book a lesson with one of our teachers here at South Windsor School of Music. Our website provides simple and easy steps to book lesson consultations or private lessons with one of our teachers.

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