Lesson Terms & Conditions

Virtual / In-School Private Lessons


Fees & Booking:

  • Regular Instructors: $26 for 25 min $52 for 55 min
  • 2nd Tier Instructors: $30 for 25 min $60 for 55 min

Book online or through the school.
All lessons must be booked at least 24hrs in advance with prepayment.


If you can't make it, please remember to cancel through your account or by email. No makeups or rescheduling for missed or cancelled Drop-In lessons.

Weekly Lesson plans (Billed Monthly):

Fees & Booking:

Regular Instructors: $96/month for 25 min weekly | $192/ month for 55 min weekly
2nd Tier Instructors: $112/month for 25 min weekly | $220/month for 55 min weekly

  • For use in ongoing weekly lessons, virtual or in-school, scheduled at the same time on the same day.
  • Students will receive 3-5 lessons per month based on their lesson day and the calendar month, averaging 4 lessons.
  • All lessons must be booked at least 24hrs in advance with prepayment.
  • 2 month plan miminum.
  • Fees are prepaid monthly, on the 1st of the month. Students who start lessons mid-month pay a prorated monthly amount depending on the date on which they start.
  • Please contact the school to schedule your weekly recurring lessons.

Payment Methods:

  1. Pre-authorized credit card as saved payment method in your school account.

  2. Pre-authorized withdrawal from a checking account for local clients. Please deliver your account info to us In-School. Non-refundable fee of $5.00 for each NSF return.

Cancellation :

Students may stop lessons at any time from their school account or by contacting the school. A Student’s last paid lesson will be the last scheduled lesson that falls before the end of the month. South Windsor School of Music reserves the right to terminate lessons of any student without notice. In such a case a refund for unused paid lessons will be issued.

Rescheduling :

Bookings may not be rescheduled from week to week. Bookings may be changed to a different day/time permanently upon consultation with the school.

Missed Lessons :

In the instance that the school is not able to provide a lesson for the student on their regular day/time for any reason, a virtual lesson will be offered as a make-up, by the school. No refunds will be issued.

Students who are not able to attend in-school lessons due to illness will be provided a virtual lesson instead if they give more than 24 hours notice of their absence. Virtual makeup lessons will be at a different day/time within the same week of their absence.

Late starts:

Late starts will still end on time. Our Instructors stop waiting for you to show up after 15 minutes after your lesson start time. If you will be late, please contact the school to let us know.

Extended Vacations:

Students taking extended vacations resulting in the loss of 4 or more regularly scheduled lessons are able to hold their lesson time/day by pre-paying for the returning month’s lesson fees. Written notice must be given within 14 days of planned absence.

Those wishing to terminate lessons for a duration of time without prepayment due to extended vacations will need to forego their lesson day/time and re-book upon return.

Virtual Lesson Technical Difficulties:

The school will issue 1 make-up lesson per 2-month period to students who experience technical difficulties on their end, resulting in the loss of 5 mins or more of their virtual lesson. The student must contact the school via email within 1 hr after the lesson to be eligible.

The school will always issue make-up lessons for difficulties on our end, resulting in the loss of 5 mins or more of a lesson.


Virtual Lessons will run on all Canadian statutory holidays and formerly scheduled school breaks during mandated closures of In-School services. South Windsor School of Music will accommodate a re-booking should a student give at least 7 days notice of a planned absence from a regularly scheduled Virtual Lesson on any Canadian statutory holiday.

In-School, there will be no lessons during all Canadian statutory holidays. Monday students receive a 25% bill proration on months where there is a Monday Statutory Holiday. School is open on Easter Monday. School is closed on Halloween. School is closed for March Break & Winter Break, following the Greater Essex County District School Board’s schedule.

Care & Supervision of Minor Students:

South Windsor School of Music encourages all guardians to supervise their children at home during their Virtual Lessons. Guardians must remain around the school building during in-school lessons.