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Singing Groups for Kids

Kick start your kid’s musical journey in the trusted hands of our passionate school Director who gets to know our young students in early groups to make recommendations for their private lessons later on. 

Kids don't even realize that they're learning. They're too busy enjoying themselves, experiencing new things and expressing themselves creatively. 

Group Vocal Class Information

Geared toward the young beginner, students in our group lessons get to have fun and be social in an intimate small-group setting, while building confidence and learning all the fundamentals of music and performance! 

Those interested in intensive studies may enrol in both private and group lessons after age 9. After group lessons, students may start one-on-one lessons with our private instructors.

Contact the school to setup your ongoing lesson plan. 

  • Let's Sing Together!
    (ages 7-9)
  • Let's Sing Together!
    (ages 10-12)

Instructor:  Michelle

Group Size:  3 Students

Get your little one in for group lessons! Kid-friendly favourites are sung and explored - from Disney to Kids Bop to Musical Theatre, Royal Conservatory repertoire and beyond. Requests are taken. Our cute young singers get an early start at expressing themselves through singing, movement, and performance of music fundamentals – like pitch (high low) and dynamics (loud quiet). Breathing exercises and beginner vocal warm ups build body awareness and listening skills. This is NOT a traditional choir. Students sing in unison and also take turns with small solos. Groups perform in our school's music recitals. 

Instructor:  Michelle

Group Size:  3 Students

Age appropriate popular material is sung and explored - from R&B to pop, video game music, musical theatre, Royal Conservatory repertoire and beyond. Requests are taken! Our intermediate group singers express themselves with melodies and harmonies and rhythms. We work on music composition for singers by replacing lyrics of well known melodies with our own collaborative creations. Help your child build body awareness and listening skills through breathing exercises and vocal warm ups. This is NOT a traditional choir. Students will work on teamwork performances and solos. 

Student Materials for our Group Voice Lessons for Kids

All group lesson materials are provided and included. Students will start with a 3-ring binder or folder with lined paper, which will soon get stuffed with sheet music, printed lyrics, worksheets, drawing activities and colouring pages.

An image of a vintage-style microphone.
An image of a vintage-style microphone.

Group Music Lesson Instructor

Our school director Michelle teaches groups, getting to know our younger students and guiding their musical journey with recommendations for their private lessons. Occasionally, guest artist friends get a very special invite to join, perform for, and teach the group. 

Michelle loves working with young children to foster their love and appreciation for the arts. She spent 7 years as artist-in-residence for the conseil scolaire catholique Providence where she taught the arts using hands-on, innovative methods, completing large collaborative visual art and music projects with kids in JK/SK, primary, intermediate and secondary classrooms. Her visual arts degree is from University of Windsor and she has received additional artist-educator training throughout her career from Jumblies Theatre (Toronto), Royal Conservatory of Music, and Multicultural Council of Windsor. Michelle has co-developed and co-delivered a bilingual professional development program for Ontario-based music and visual arts educators through the Ontario Arts Council.

Free Music Lesson Consultation

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